November 1, 2010

Karen Appleton

While following the breadcrumbs of inspiration this afternoon (oh my! it's already 2pm?!) I came upon Karen Appleton's sweet and luxurious paintings. She is in love with bows and I so admire her obsession and devotion to such an interesting subject matter! I can just imagine each and every package waiting to be opened and undone. I also really enjoy her paintings of purses - perhaps her theme centers around the hidden? Absolutely stunning work!

And, with it now being November (!) I'm already starting to get into that gift-giving frame of mind - these decadent packages are just helping my sugar plum dreams along :) It's always fun to bring a hostess gift wrapped up in the most extravagant way!

You can check out Karen Appleton's work on her website and her blog.

Found via Shelter via Design Darling


penny patten said...

These would make great gifts, very lovely!

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