October 30, 2010

My Halloween - Moonstruck - Zombies

In anticipation of the huge party my town is throwing tonight, my boyfriend and I are having a little gathering to watch the mayhem ensue. If you're from Asbury Park, NJ, or even from Monmouth County, you know about what's happening tonight - The Zombie Walk - but since you're probably all not from my town, I will explain what is about to take over... thousands of people dress up like zombies and shuffle down the streets, outside my window. It's quite a sight! I'll put it this way - if you didn't know what was going on and you just stumbled upon this creative looking downtown tonight, you'd think zombies were taking over the world and you might just break out your Zombie Survival Guide: The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead

I'm not particularly fond of zombies, so I just like to sit up on my roof and watch them go by. But, I do like to dress up to celebrate one of my most favorite holidays, so, my boyfriend and I decided we would dress up like Loretta and Ronny from Moonstruck (it's his favorite movie and he can really pull off the Nick Cage thing pretty well haha!) It's going to be so fun! In honor of Loretta's fab nerdilicious outfits in the movie, I have pulled together some fun fashion that's inspiring my own outfit for the night.

I still have to get my wig (I know, always the last minute!) but I'm breakin' out the pencil skirt and a billowy white secretary-esque button-down (she is a bookkeeper in the movie, so I gotta look the part!) I could've gone with the post-makeover version, but I just loved seeing Cher not so done up - it's just so natural :) 

Hope everyone has a happy Halloween!!! :)


Weathered & Worn said...

Love the first picture!

Fey Handmade said...

Thanks, Penny! It was a lot of fun being Cher - even though, being blonde, I don't think I really pulled off the black wig as best as I could haha :)

Hope you had a great Halloween!!

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