January 31, 2010


Hi everyone! My name is Chelsea and I'm a new intern for Fey Handmade! Part of my job as an intern for Christine is to inform the world about Fey Handmade while writing a few blog posts during the week! I will be posting about things I enjoy such as literature, art, and other lovely things that inspire me! I suppose I should say a little bit about myself since this is my first time as a blog contributor. :)

I'm a senior in college and I am an English major; I edit and write for our school's newspaper.
I love packaging, buttons, nice people, laughter, traveling, photography, helping people, and beards. Oh, I also have a twin sister! I also maintain a blog and an Etsy shop for my photography. In a few weeks, I will be stocking my Etsy shop full of new jewelry items I've been creating! Below are a few examples of my photographs; I'm by no means a professional and it is just a hobby I enjoy.

Anyway, enough babbling from my fingertips (I tend to do this a lot!). I hope everyone enjoys my upcoming posts; any thoughts or feedback is always appreciated! :)
Have a lovely day!


Pattie said...

Yay! How exciting to see you here :)
I didn't even know that you were a twin (sorry if you mentioned it b4 and I forgot)

Anonymous said...

Hi Chelsea, welcome aboard! Good to have you and looking forward to your posts.

Mei said...

Hey Chelsea! It's always nice to have new people onboard the community.
I love the smooth and relaxing feel your photos give me. Very nice! And new jewelry too? How exciting! :D All the best with your endeavours on that route :)

Heart Charlie said...

I love this collection of photos! I especially love the one in the top right corner...the blue and the lace are a lovely combination! Congrats on the internship ;)

Stephanie of Pretty {much} Art said...

Hi Chelsea! What an exciting opportunity. I look forward to your posts. Good luck on the job!

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