November 1, 2009


This week/weekend has been a wonderful, but crazy one! We were featured on Sweetspot on Thursday, and the shop site is basically cleaned out! Almost every one of a kind item is gone and we've had so many orders for our regular inventory items that I had to come up with a major system to deal with the amount of organization that needed to be done to orchestrate this much at once! I still haven't counted how many individual orders came in, but it was somewhere between 30 and 40 (in 24 hours!) It was an amazing response and I can only hope that the lovely team at Sweetspot will want to feature us again soon :)

We are also going to be welcoming about 15 new designers in the coming week, so stay tuned for some exciting additions to our shop! Lots of new art and some amazing fashions to be exact on what to expect. I cannot wait to get everything up for you to enjoy! Here's a sneak peek at what's to come!

Gabrielle Kai Photographic Prints

Lemon Grove Jewelry

Sushi Pie Hats & Hair Accessories

Stephanie Teague Clothing

Now, tell me you're not excited about all this handmade, lovely goodness that's about to come to Fey Handmade! Can't wait! Bear with me while everything gets back to normal working order around here, now that the Canadians of Sweetspot have propelled this little company into hyper drive! haha

Talk to you soon!!


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