October 1, 2009


Silkscreened Moth - $12 - North Train

I am in love with the idea of moths ever since I noticed one a couple days ago. Just so reminded me that it's fall and there is still beauty in the simplicity of a moth. Butterflies are overrated ; )

exhibits a) Petit Moth Necklace - $56 - Bud and Branch
b) Whisper Ferns Note Set - $10 - Pearl Marmalade
c) Daylight Moth Digital Print - $20 - Jen McCleary

{ Click on the images above and below }

This wallpaper is stunning! I love it!!

a) Moth Collage - $15 - Dada Daydreams
b) Float Like a Butterfly Locket - $40 - Irene Suchocki
c) Green Moth Ring - $60 - Charity Hall Designs
d) Broad-Bordered Yellow Underwing Moth Painting - $50 - Heather Robinson

Papillon Print - $25 - Elle Moss


Melissa de la Fuente said...

These are so gorgeous.....that moth print and that WALLPAPER.....ack. So incredible.

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