October 13, 2009

Cheery Art

I'm sorry I've gone missing for a few days. If you check out the shop site you'll see that there is a whole bunch of new stuff, and I have to admit that when the shop gets lovin', the blog does not. One of these days maybe I'll be able to prioritize my time a little better (or just get someone to write the blog for me!) but for now, I'm a one man (or girl!) band with this stuff.
Well, any way, I'm feeling a little discouraged today, so I figured I'd seek out some cheery art to lift my spirits!

I found Dana Komjaty, who is a lovely artist originally from Eastern Europe, but now living in wonderful Amsterdam! I visited that beautiful spot once and it was a dream : ) so I could imagine living there must be super inspirational - and it definitely shows in Dana's beautiful, childlike art. It's so whimsical and I love, love it!

Small personal side note: It's so weird to me that Dana also had an epiphany similar to me in the sense that she had an etsy shop that she felt was full of chaos and she needed to branch out with a more cohesive themed shop, just as I did with my own art! She says in her profile on the new shop - "By opening this shop i will be able to give my painting and drawing ambitions their own place. This way it won't be so crowded and clouded as it was until now in my other(LeiLiLaLoo)shop. There I sold sewn items/paintings/drawings/prints/giftcards/ ribbon etc...etc. In other words too much different things that have little but their maker in common!" I have often looked at my own art and thought.. this looks nothing like what I created yesterday... what am I going to do? So I started fresh.. and almost at the same time as Dana! (In August)(must of been a weird planetary shift then hehe) You can view her two shops here - Dana Komjaty and here - LeilLiLaLoo (...and in case you're curious about my shops - MaiAutumn and LindstromcommaC - go check em out and you'll see what I mean) I think that both her shops look amazing and if I were her, I wouldn't worry : )

Another trait I so very much love about Dana is her admitting that she is a pack rat! I love artists who keep hoards of stuff because - one day - they might make something with it! I do it, and I'm positive it is just a weird creative person trait, because most every artist I meet does this same thing. I feel so sorry for the poor spouses or roommates we end up with ; )

I hope you enjoy Dana Komjaty's work as much as I have! It truly has put me in a better mood!



melissa loves said...

I love her work....so very beautiful and cheery! I am sorry you were feeling discouraged but, glad this beautiful work made you feel better! Now, I am off to check out all the shops! :)

melissa loves said...

Okay....how did I not realize those beautiful bird paintings were yours? So beautiful and so glad I finally put 2 and 2 together! :)

Leililaloo said...

Thank you so much Christine. I feel very flatterd by all you are saying. This cheering up thing is now working both ways:)))
I am off to check out your work, this made me very curious...

Fey Handmade said...

oh! you guys are the best!! :) :)

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