July 20, 2009

We're Jealous of Ink & Peat

I came across this lovely little store while perusing the blogs out there - Ink & Peat. They are located in the one place I so long to visit - Portland, Oregon. They have put together the perfect combination of two things I love (and I'm sure a lot of us love!) - home decor and floral arranging. Such a brilliant idea! There are photos of the store on the owner's blog - housemartin - which I will post here for your viewing pleasure:

Everything really shows off the roots of this designer's passion for beauty. She designed textiles in the fashion industry for 15 years! From what I can tell, the store has only been open since the Spring of 2008. Such an impressive bounty of gorgeousness for only having been open a little over a year! Their site is unfortunately not set up for online shopping, but I'm hoping hoping that I either will get to take a journey to Portland one of these days or she will set all the wonderful items up for sale on her site. :)
Lovin' these flowers as well -
Yes, there is an apple in there.
Oh! It all just makes me that much more excited to open up a store of my own someday!


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