July 12, 2009

Our Week - 4th of July

It has been a busy summer so far for Fey Handmade. We took some much needed time to rest over the 4th of July.

Our intern, Caroline, was just in North Carolina with her family for our nation's birthday. Check out these amazing photos she took of the ocean! (I would have never guessed that is what these are... surreal, right?)

ah, summer...
I love Caroline's photos!

And I got to take a very exciting trip to Boston for the weekend. Most of the trip was for baseball related reasons. I'm a pretty big Red Sox fan, so seeing Fenway Park was probably the biggest moment of my baseball life... until... I got to walk on the field. That's right. For reasons I must keep somewhat under wraps, I got to be ON the field! (and I accidentally walked on the grass even though we weren't allowed) This was no tour related excursion. No sir. Let's just say, I know people. Maybe I'll tell you the story soon though! wink wink

I just love the spirit in this town!

It is such a beautiful city and I cannot wait to get back! I even considered moving there! That's only happened once before - Savannah. Ah, I love discovering new places!


buhdoop said...

Wow, I thought that top picture was some type of ice formation at first.

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