January 18, 2011

Imaginary Vacation - Fashion

I've got Gipsy Kings radio blaring on Pandora, the heat is turned up to a balmy 68 (haha) and I'm packing my imaginary suitcase full of amazing imaginary outfits (well, they're real, I just don't own any of them!)

Above: 1. via Studio Swag, 2. Out of Line, 3. Shrunken Cat Heads, 4. My Lola Fashion, 5. Ruche (I definitely actually just bought a pair! Couldn't resist the $32.99 price tag - Hello!), 6. Modcloth, 7. also Modcloth

I hope you enjoy the fabulous resort wear in today's post!

Check back tomorrow for more fun vacation inspired finds! I'm feeling warmer already :)


Adria said...

Can you tell me what brand the grey wedges were from ruche? they aren't restocking them and I'd love to find them online somewhere.... THANKS!

Cori said...

So lovely!

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