January 13, 2011

Indie Business Feature - The Wild Unknown

I'm so in love with everything from The Wild Unknown! I came across this beautiful company last year, and they just keep getting better and better! All of their designs evoke a feeling of mystery and folksy-ness that I just adore. Check out their website to shop or head on over to their facebook page to keep up to date on their latest happenings.

The Wild Unknown is an independent and family-run business specializing in handmade objects. The distinctive illustrative style of the prints and calendars is the work of Kim Krans, a multi-faceted visual artist, musician, and connoisseur of all hand made things. In 2006 Kim began gifting her calendars to a few friends, and The Wild Unknown has been growing steadily since. Recently, her husband Jonny Ollsin joined The Wild Unknown as the positive-vibes coordinator and web designer. Seeing as though the couple’s creative endeavors include everything from playing music to building a cabin together, The Wild Unknown has become yet another extension of their aesthetics and values.
In 2009, Kim's mom (and expert stained glass artisan) Gaynelle Oslund joined The Wild Unknown's team. She now produces the amazing prisms on the site.


Our work is inspired by summers spent in the Catskill Mountains and
on the shores of Lake Superior. We hope The Wild Unknown items bring you moments of solitude and wonder, wherever you are.

All images copyright The Wild Unknown.


Bamboo Bear said...

Sooooo lovely! Thank you for sharing. Beautiful work that just exudes tranquillity!

Holly x

Fey Handmade said...

Thank you, Holly! It definitely does!

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