November 2, 2010

Sweater for your Coffee - Wayside Violet Cozies

On this blustery, chilly day, I could really go for a warm cup of coffee. We are kind of coffee fanatics in my apartment, so we order Peet's directly from the source - fresh roasted and shipped from California! It is delicious! As I write this morning's post, I am patiently waiting for my buddy at UPS to deliver our shipment for the month. I'm not really myself until I have my morning coffee, so we'll see how this goes :)

Onto Wayside Violet's adorable coffee cozies! These are so sweet and just my style. I wish I could wear a sweater that looks as good as these cozies! :) Jessica is a coffee lover from Chicago that has turned her passion into something beautiful. Each cozy is hand knit and machine washable - a great eco-friendly gift for the coffee (or tea!) lover in your life.

You can check out all the cozy goodness at Wayside Violet's Etsy shop and Jessica's Blog.

I might have to break out my shameful stash of Maxwell House from 2009 if this delivery doesn't show up soon! haha :) Happy morning!

**update** Literally 2 minutes later, my doorbell rang. Coffee has arrived!! Now, if only I had a cozy to keep my hands from burning... :)


kendal croix. said...


Weathered & Worn said...

These are great! I love coffee too!

Fey Handmade said...

thank you for your comments, kendal and penny! it's so nice to have you here :)

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