November 30, 2010

Feather and Webb

Kirra Jamison on Feather and Webb

So, so, so much chaos has ensued in my little part of the world - good chaos of course though! I shouldn't even be blogging right now, but I just got a message from Caitlin over at Feather and Webb about my lil calendar being featured in her latest post... and let me tell you... I am in love! I had to share this gorgeously curated site! 

I could get lost in all these amazing posts! But, I actually have to go get lost in all the packing material for the ridiculous amount of orders that keep coming in! It's turning into Santa's workshop over here real fast! Thank you to all of you who are supporting independent designers!! Here we go handmade holiday season! woo!!! 
(And here we go giant caffeinated tea!)

Go check out Feather and Webb for lots and lots more inspiration! Hope you're all having a fabulous week :)


Weathered & Worn said...

I really like the first pictures, they are really unique, nice work! Thanks for sharing!

Jen said...

I love the simplicity of those beads. Very chic and sophisticated.
Jen & Row

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