August 4, 2010

Emma Walsh Design

Recently, I got a message from a lovely little lady about the most delicate and whimsical designs I have seen in a while. Emma Walsh Design is all about soft, elegant accessories, and her photos are just dreamy! 

Emma has been studying architecture for the past four years and interior design for the last year. She makes all sorts of things from homewares to bridal accessories and jewellery crafted from materials found in vintage stores, combining them with new elements. She says she loves that she can bring these pre loved bits of beauty - things with a story behind them - into the 21st century with a new life in the form of elegant, feminine designs that demand attention. I think her designs definitely translate well into the here and now! Dainty, nostalgic... everything I dream about! And it is so obvious that this is a natural born creative! So glad to have found her :)

Go get lost over at Emma's pretty, pretty blog and shop 


Yelo Creations said...

beautiful! Love it!

Fey Handmade said...

Thanks, Carey :) So glad to see you here!

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