June 13, 2010

Found/Spaces + Places - enhabiten - (and a little obsessed already I might add)

Just relaxing away my Sunday afternoon when I get a little ping from my email telling me that the Etsy newsletter has arrived. I usually make it a habit to at least check out all the pretty finds in case there is some treasure I absolutely can't live without (which happens all too often!) and today, I was so pleasantly surprised by my discovery. They based their Get the Look on Liane Tyrell's beautiful farmhouse in New Hampshire. I am in love! This is the epitome of everything I've ever wanted in a house (and lately, apartment living has been getting me down - I am in desperate need of a porch!) I meandered over to Liane's flickr and found even more pretty, pretty photos. Ah! I'm in fantasy land!

I just love the light! And the simplicity! It looks so relaxing :) Go check out all of Liane's lovely creations over at her Etsy shop as well. You won't be disappointed!


Anonymous said...

That kitchen is beautiful-- I'm a cook so I'm such a sucker for gorgeous kitchens. I love all the jars on shelves!
Come visit my inspiration board at galleryofinspiration.blogspot.com!

Weathered & Worn said...

A beautiful home, love the kitchen!

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