May 17, 2010

Cravings - Exotic Sweets !

Oh no... it's happening again! I have a craving! This time it's for something exotic... let's see what I can find!

I am needing some luxury in my life! One of these desserts might do the trick! ....and I'm off to the kitchen :)

*edit* p.s. - I just went to go check out past cravings posts and I realized that I may have a sweet tooth! I promise I'll go out and find more scrumptious recipes and photos for you - that don't have sugar in them for once! lol


Robin Charlotte Humphrey said...

too cute! Kumquats are the best! They remind me of summers by the pool growing up and eating them off the plant with all my friends!

nikolina100 said...

*drools all over this blog*

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