February 18, 2010

Guest Blogger - Kate Crabtree from Ten Six Twenty

As most of you ladies can probably sympathize, I have a lot of jewelry. Not all fine jewelry by any means, most of my collections consists of inexpensive items allowing me to add more and more. And especially with the days of online shopping at stores like Fey Handmade and Etsy, I'm sure our collections are all growing. Leading me to the need of finding pretty, yet functional and convenient jewelry storage. I have a large jewelry box to keep many items in, but I really like having some of my pieces out on display in my bedroom. I think it adds a girly, feminine touch and with the right storage piece, can still leave your dresser top uncluttered.

My favorite way to store all of my baubly rings are with an antique or vintage inspired glass bowl. This keeps all of your rings in one area, and still the container is delicate and pretty, looking more like a accent piece. I picked mine up at Anthropologie. Its a perfect place for items like these.

Bracelets are an everyday item for me. I usually have at least 4 on! As you can imagine, this leads to many lying around the house. I have found a couple great bracelet stands at Urban Outfitters - I have two at the moment. One is small and dainty with an adorable little bird perched on top, and the other is white and minimal, but still with a vintage vibe.

When it comes to earrings, I prefer something with a cage like structure. Something you can easily wrap many pairs and styles in. I found this gate like stand at yet again, Urban Outfitters. Its a fairly small stand, measuring only 8" x 8", but it holds a tremendous amount of earrings. It also keeps them paired together well, and pairs don't get tangled.

I like to stick the jewelry tree for necklaces. I love the way it looks! It has a retro vibe mixed with a natural elements, and all of the branches really assist in storing various necklace lengths. Although, I have to warn you, if you pile too many on, they can be difficult to remove. 

Just a little overview of my dresser top with all of my lovely stands, and my trusty jewelry box.

You can find some of Kate's beautiful jewelry in the shop - Fey Handmade - and you can also check out her blog to find out more about her! - Twinkle Toes and Gold Dangles 



Chelsea said...

how lovely!!!! :)

Jen said...

I love these displays, especially the Bird Bracelet stand. I can't have my jewellery on display at the moment due to a little 6 year old girls sticky fingers (never know where my jewellery will end up) but I can still admire and dream!

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