February 24, 2010

Colby June Jewelry

As the warm sunlight beamed down upon my shoulders early this morning, I was quite certain Spring had arrived. I stood outside for a few minutes, hoping to take in the sun's rays as it pierced my incredibly lackluster & pale skin. Feelings of joy & hopefulness circulated throughout my body as I trudged to the post office to deliver a package. Unfortunately, all thoughts of Spring were crushed by a postal worker, who kindly informed me that a huge snow storm was headed our way this evening. :(

Yuck! How is everyone handling the winter weather? I'm feeling quite, dare I say, blah, from all of this snow. What are your thoughts for dealing with the snowy weather?

Today, I am loving these very delicate and organic pieces from Colby June Jewelry! I love her work! You can find some of it in the shop! :)


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