December 1, 2009

Cravings - Holiday Cookies

Now that it's December, I am officially in the mood for some delicious holiday sweets! I love having lots of sweet little cookies in my kitchen for guests who might pop in at this festive time of year (and of course for myself while I'm working at my little desk!)

I used to have a great book of holiday cookie recipes, but somehow it seems to have gotten lost when we moved last year. Every recipe had a little bit of history with each cookie, and I just loved telling the story of where each cookie came from as my friends and family enjoyed each little, teeny bite :)

 Now that the season is upon us again, I am trying to put together a great little list of beautiful holiday cookies that I can whip up while I'm bored (yea, cause that happens!) Hope you get inspired to bake up a little something! :)

Steph Chows - (Chocolate Spice Cookies... YUM!)

And finally, what good would a whole bunch of delicious cookies be without a fabulous handmade cookie jar?? :)



Sarah John Afana said...

I have made those gorgeous little peppermint meringues from Martha's recipe. They are AMAZING, so impressive to friends and family. The little details are completely worth it-they truly melt in your mouth. A new favorite of mine this year are these Ambrosia Macaroons, you MUST give them a try-so simple to make...

Fey Handmade said...

Sarah, they sound divine! Thank you for sharing!! :)

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