November 29, 2009

Who Says?

Lawrence Yang

So, I had a revelation this morning - I love being a grown up! For a short while.. about a few years to be exact (haha) I felt like being an adult was all about burdens and bills. Having been able to spend this week cooking and having it finally over, I realize the relief I'm feeling. That relief comes along with my excitement about getting to make new art, find new art, and share with new and fun people. I know this isn't some amazing discovery to everyone else out there, but I just wanted to share the happiness I'm feeling today. And here are some things that are inspiring me along with it. . .

Wil Freeborn - (From the Flickr Pool 'Moleskin Alchemists')(which is awesome)


Alright, inspiration spam over. Now go make something cool today people :)


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