October 23, 2009

Surprise sales!

Surprise! It's a SALE!!

Wouldn't it be great if you showed up at your favorite store and found out there was a sale that very moment you decided to shop? Well, that could happen to you now! We are starting a fun little game called Surprise Sales - totally at random, we will discount the ENTIRE store only for the hour. So, really, if you happen to be shopping, you're our friend on Facebook, or our follower on Twitter, that would be the only way you'd get in on these great deals! Maybe if you read this blog you might get a chance... BECAUSE THERE'S A SURPRISE SALE GOING ON RIGHT NOW! 25% off the entire shop until 8pm EST (10/23 that is)! You just have to enter code SPEEDY in at checkout. THAT MEANS GET SHOPPING!

If you're reading this tomorrow, I'm sorry you missed the first one. But there will be many many more, so do not worry. Just go make friends with us on some social networking sites and you'll be in the know. Or.... maybe you could sign up for our newsletter, (below our left hand side menu on the shop site you'll see the sign up box) and we might tell you there. You never know! Because... it's a SURPRISE!


** Report after the sale! ** 8:15 pm 10/23/09 - Apparently you guys like this! We just had 18 orders! These will definitely be happening more often! Discounts galore!! But you have to make sure you keep your eyes peeled! It could happen ANYTIME!


Pattie said...

That is such a wonderful idea!!!
And so much fun :)

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