September 9, 2009

We're Jealous of - Candystore Collective

San Francisco based Candystore Collective is flat out awesome. They believe in similar things as us and they have an edge that we adore. Their storefront in California is just so fabulous, that we decided to post some pictures!

Their take on consumerism is inspiring and so very down to earth - "We strongly believe that the things we wear, fill our homes with and give as gifts should mean something. The world already has more stuff than it knows what to do with it, so we set out to find the kind of things that made us happy each and every time we saw them, wore them, or thought about them." I love their philosophy and I hope Fey Handmade can become as amazing as them someday. You guys rule!

And by the way, yes, their storefront and walls are growing actual plants. This led me to another discovery - Woolly Pocket Garden Company.
They make pockets that grow plants.... Amazing!
Gosh I want a store! : )


Miss Malaprop said...

If it makes you feel any better, I'm jealous of both you AND Candystore Collective! I've been dreaming and planning for my own shop ever since I started my blog, over 3 years ago! I'm finally working to get things really off the ground. I've got a very similar set of ideals too when it comes to shopping!

(And aren't the Wooly Pockets amazing? My friend tipped me off to them recently and I posted about them on my site.)

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