August 16, 2009

Spaces & Places - Stencils

These beautiful stencils have transformed a simple wall into a whimsical landscape of paisley! The stencil comes from a UK based company - The Stencil Library. They carry a huge array of stencils - basically anything you can imagine! Their blog is a useful resource of fun things you can do with them. This is an example of what one of their customers has created in her beach house. According to their blog, the customer discovered that paisley was often put together in this type of design. I think it really works well with the colors and layout of the room. The stencil itself is made up of three motifs and has two layers on the large paisley motif. She mixed and matched the layers for this creation, leaving some spaces open to create more variety.

Just gorgeous! You can find the specific stencil to create this design here - Indian & Chinese Stencils


ELK said...

simple & quiet artistic walls ...i am new here and have relished the look around ~elk

Fey Handmade said...

thank you! :)

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