July 6, 2009

cravings .a new way.

I'm sorry to say that our old blog is going away.. but it will be replaced by this much more efficient and exciting new blog on blogspot! Hooray!! Out with the old and in with the new... as in the new topics we will be covering on a daily basis. We love reading blogs that have useful information abounding from within the depths of their psyches.
We at Fey Handmade have so many little things that inspire us all the time, and we are going to do our darn hardest to try and get all that great stuff to you. You can look forward to new posts and features about all the things that make your life interesting - from vintage shopping to art to interior design, photography and food. You name it, and we will hopefully be able to bring some of the best of it!

To start the blogging off right, we are bringing you a feature of foods of all kinds. Here you will find photography, recipes, restaurants and more.
This evening, in preparation for tomorrow (a little early) I'm loving these great breakfast shots!

This photographer hasn't had any sales on her brand new Etsy shop, so go check out Alice Gao photography. Her shop name is adorable too - thecheshiresmile


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