December 7, 2009

In love!

 I originally intended to post about something entirely different (and I will leave that a mystery so I can post about it later! wink*) but when I came across this photographer, I couldn't wait to share! I also don't usually post about wedding things on here, but, again, couldn't not share!

And as I'm browsing their site,, they have the most beautiful soundtrack to fit their even more beautiful images. Swoon! It's really a journey into girl fantasy wedding land.

With the new styles of wedding photos there are out there these days, it is getting so hard to imagine the traditional portraits of the past. No more forced anything! I just adore how much life can be captured during these sessions. I think that's definitely how it should be! It is the beginning of a new life with someone you love after all!

Enjoy the rest of their gorgeous work on the site - Simply Bloom Photography - and their new blog - Simply Bloom Photography Blog

Simply gorgeous!


Vania said...

thank you so much!
SimplyBloom Photography, LLC

Miss Malaprop said...

These are really beautiful, thanks so much for sharing!

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