November 5, 2010

2011 Calendar - Mai Autumn

It's here! The 2011 calendar, designed by yours truly :) I had so much fun designing the little birds in this calendar, along with my very own lettering! It is exactly what I was hoping it would be! Thirteen pages of pretty prisms and birds, all hand drawn in ink and printed on creamy off-white card stock, tied together with a special Japanese ribbon to top it off. There are only 24 of these available with this ribbon. Depending on the demand, there may be a second edition released, but it will have an entirely different ribbon (or ribbons? who knows!) - I'm thinking floral if this version sells out. Each of the calendars is signed, dated and numbered, and then packaged up for gift-giving. Let me know what you think! :)

(Click on the images to view them larger)
(My fav has to be the owl !)

You can purchase one of these sweeties over in the shop!

Oh, and I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! :)


Irena Sophia said...

Very beautiful and simple artwork, love your calendar.

Fey Handmade said...

Thank you, Irena! I absolutely love your art!! :)

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