January 5, 2010

Vintage - Timeless Vintage Vixen

I have enough girly dresses filling up my closet to be set for a lifetime, but you know I'm surely never satisfied! Check out these amazing vintage, designer couture beauties from Timeless Vixen Vintage.

There are literally over 100 pieces and each one is impeccable! I am having a difficult time putting this post together there are so many to choose from!! Oh my gosh... SWOON!

And, Oh! the coats!! These two seriously look like they would  cause a stir wherever you wear them!

The prices on these glorious finds are obviously going to be a bit higher, but I am pretty sure that owning something as beautiful as any of these would surely be worth it. A girl can dream!

Timeless Vintage Vixen's Shop

Found via waterrose via deargolden


redmenace said...

These are gorgeous! In love.

Anna Kay said...

OH! man those dresses are absolutely gorgeous!!

Waterrose said...

So happy to see this collection on your blog....I can't believe what great condition all of her pieces are in!

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