November 28, 2009

Turkey Hangover... Still

My first Thanksgiving went off without a hitch. I made a turkey that looked quite similar to the one pictured above and I am very proud! I'd like to thank Martha, first and foremost, because if I hadn't seen her Thanksgiving special.. I would have had no idea to cover that bird in butter and wine soaked cheesecloth the first three hours of cooking! (Yes... butter makes everything better!) It made all the difference! Let me tell you! And, I am also so thankful that I have such a wonderful family who all get along. It was a great day and I'm so glad I got to host for my very first time!

Now, onto what you've been waiting for... SALES! I know we didn't do a whole Black Friday thing, just merely because we're not about that here. If you have been reading this blog diligently, you may remember a day in October when there happened to be a Secret Sale... and that is exactly what you're going to get right now!!! Well, several Secret Sales before this weekend is over, so you never know what to expect!

Today until Midnight EST - Enter Code CRANBERRY at checkout and receive $20 off any order over $85 !!

Go Shop!

Hope everyone had a happy holiday here in the states!

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